Best Burr Coffee Grinder: Make The Perfect Coffee Blend

Nothing on this earth is better than a freshly-ground cup of coffee.

That might be a stretch, but you can’t deny that fresh-ground coffee beats pre-ground ten to one.

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From the flavor profile to the rich aroma (which majorly impacts your taste buds), how you grind your beans matters. 

The best coffee grinder gives you consistency, and a blade grinder just doesn’t do that.

Burr grinders are the ultimate way to get your consistently delicious coffee every single morning. It’s time to grind, brew, serve and repeat.

We’ve taken to the best burr grinders from top brands that you know, with machines that have stood the test of time, and are even trusted for commercial use in coffee houses all across America.

This is all the power you need to grind coffee from this day onward.

Krups Professional Electric Burr Grinder

Krups Professional Electric Burr Grinder

Starting from the top-down, this little-known brand steals the show with an effective, compact and powerful burr grinder.

Featuring a 7 oz bean capacity, your grind bin allows for up to 15 oz of coffee grounds.

Grounds are naturally aerated as they come out of the burr grinder, so they have the room to rest without having to be compressed as you’d find in a can of pre-ground coffee.

As the best burr coffee grinder, there’s a lot to deliver on. Starting with the actual grinder itself, it lets you choose from five different modes and nine different grind amounts through the dial.

Let’s say you own a French press and make grinds for that, but today you want to use the auto-drip. Not a problem.

Use the dial on the left to change the grind size from fine to coarse. You can even make it powder-fine for a percolator if you need to.

This is a good feature, but the dial itself doesn’t take too much to move, so be careful that you aren’t accidentally brushing up against it when removing your grinds.

It’s built to be compact and energy-efficient, running off of a simple 110W outlet and grinding in record time.

Apart from that, it also keeps safety in mind. You won’t be able to operate this unless the grinder bin is actually attached to it, so no accidental operation for any reason whatsoever.

Krups guarantees this under their warranty program for up to two years, including full-on protection against manufacturer defects.

You get a cleaning kit included to wipe out the burr grinder and keep any debris or full-sized beans at bay.

Sometimes beans get in and jam the grinder instead of actually being ground up, so having this little kit is fantastic.

Size Small, compact
Capacity 7 oz beans, 15 oz grinds
Grind Levels 5
Power 110W
Digital Timer No

Baratza Virtuoso+ Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Baratza Virtuoso+ Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

The perfect blend in between power and compact size is here.

At a medium overall size and weight, Baratza’s grinder gives you the capacity you want, and the might that you need.

While testing these out to write our coffee grinder reviews, we admired the consistency in every single grind fro, Baratza.

It’s true to its digital timer setting, meaning that it won’t take more than what the LED-backlit screen says it will.

With plenty of room in the 8 oz coffee bean hopper, you’ll be able to fill it up and ignore it from Monday ‘til Friday.

The grinder will turn on if there aren’t enough beans though, so if you run out of beans halfway through a grind, it’s going to keep running until the timer hits the end.

The reason this is problematic is that you need a specific coffee weight, measured down to one-twentieth of an ounce, to ensure your coffee comes out strong enough and flavorful enough.

Unless you also have a kitchen food scale that can measure that, you’re left with an unknown amount of grounds.

That being said, the amount of options you get is pretty eccentric (and we mean that in a good way).

With over forty different ways to grind your beans, you’ll be able to set the grinds for an Aeropress, French press, standard drip coffee maker, and everything else in between. It’s fully up to you.

While many other brands will use whatever kind of conical burr grinder they can get their hands on, Baratza only uses alloy steel in their burr.

This not only ensures a longer lifespan without having to replace or repair the grinder, but it’s going to crush every coffee bean that comes through it.

On a personal note, one thing I particularly enjoyed was the mini LED light underneath the grinder exit.

It makes things easier when the lights are off and it’s early in the morning. You won’t miss any grounds.

Size Medium-sized, countertop
Capacity 8 oz
Grind Levels 40
Power 110W DC
Digital Timer Yes

Breville “The Smart Grinder Pro”

Breville “The Smart Grinder Pro”

We first ranked Breville on our Nespresso machine buying guide, and then we found this fantastic grinder.

It’s basically your middle-of-the-road approach to getting a high-quality coffee grinder without paying the high prices.

Breville is a top-tier brand, but they know how important options are to you and wanted to give you more than any other grinder out there.

You have sixty different ways that you can grind your beans, from super-fine powder for a percolator, to coarse and even pieces for a French press. Nothing is off the table.

I would argue that it’s the best burr coffee grinder for a large family that enjoys coffee. You might enjoy coffee in a different way, and this is the perfect balance to all of that.

Built with a durable steel conical burr grinder and brushed exterior, it’s as powerful on the inside as it is gorgeous on the outside.

I want to talk about power consumption with you because this is going to leave some pin-pricks in your energy bills.

At 165 watts, even though it doesn’t run for long, using this every day is going to make a small imprint in your overall energy usage.

It’s powerful, just not the most energy-efficient (then again, they tend to be trade-offs of one another).

But it packs a capacity that anyone can get behind. From the 18 oz hopper to the large cup at the bottom to store your grounds, you’ve got a ton of options.

You can pre-grind for a few days, even though it might impact the flavor, so you don’t have to run the power for as long.

It’s totally up to you, and only Breville gives you so many options.

On a final note, the timer is exact within 2/10 of a second, so you don’t have to wait long for coffee or worry about an unspecified quantity of coffee grounds coming out. That’s precision.

Size Large/tall, countertop
Capacity 18 oz
Grind Levels 60
Power 110/120V (165W)
Digital Timer Yes

OXO BREW Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

OXO BREW Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

It may not have a digital timer, but it gives you a way to explore every single type of coffee out there with its fifteen precise settings.

Just use the one-touch operation, and hear those beans running through the burr in the smoothest way possible.

We made these burr coffee grinder reviews with a heavy emphasis on customization because not many people are doing that.

You should be able to grind your own way, not just one pre-set method. Whether you’re using a percolator or an Aeropress, you can rely on OXo to handle the task.

With its high-end steel burr system, you’re basically pulverizing the beans into exactly what you need.

The aim of the game here is to get the best brew possible, but you can’t discredit some additional benefits like a large hopper, or a durable base that doesn’t make your silverware skit across the countertop.

It’s sturdy, it’s loud, but it doesn’t shake violently and dance across the counter.

Built with a sleek design and powerful motor, this is an absolute steal even when it’s not on a sale price.

On average, this costs about 40% of the total sticker price of other, more well-known brands.

All because it’s not one of the big recognizable companies. That’s more than worth it.

But don’t just take our word for it—there are thousands of people who have reviewed OXO and talked about how reliable it is.

In short, it’s a good middle ground when you want to get a new grinder, but you don’t want to sink too much money into the venture.

Size Large, high capacity
Capacity ¾ a pound
Grind Levels 15 (includes micro)
Power 110V
Digital Timer No

Wheroamoz Manual Burr Coffee Grinder Mill

Wheroamoz Manual Burr Coffee Grinder Mill

When you think of a traditional conical burr coffee grinder, you immediately picture an electric one.

I don’t blame you, that’s what I do as well, but Wheroamoz actually had me rethink the possibility of manually grinding my coffee.

Not for any pretentious reasons, either. No “getting closer to your cup” or any of that nonsense: it works, and it’s dirt cheap compared to all the electric models we’ve seen today.

You can switch between about six different modes on the burr dial, from coarse to fine, and use the hand crank to cut into those beans.

With a 5 oz capacity lock-on cup on the bottom to catch the grinds, you’ll be able to grind enough for two pots of coffee at the same time if you wish.

If you’ve got a family that’s asleep when you leave early in the morning, and you don’t want to wake them, this is basically how you can still enjoy freshly-ground coffee.

Pre-grinding the night before is… debatably a good idea. It saves time, but at the cost of freshness and flavor, not to mention losing B vitamins found in coffee due to oxidation.

You could load this up and grind in the kitchen without a loud electric motor going off.

It’s manual, it takes about thirty seconds to grind what you need, but it’s durable. It’s easy to clean and comes with a lifetime warranty straight from the manufacturer.

If you enjoy drip-fed coffee in the morning, and nice, strong French press coffee on the weekends, then you can side with Wheroamoz without compromising on quality.

I should also note that it’s not going to take a bite into your electric bill, either.

Size Small, compact
Capacity 5 oz
Grind Levels 6
Power Manual
Digital Timer No

Burr Coffee Grinder Buying Guide and FAQ

Coffee Grinder On Table

Are Burr Grinders Really Better?

If you want to go by the opinion of millions of people, even if they don’t really know what they’re weighing in on, then the answer is yes.

Burr grinders are better than blade grinders. The western world really loves coffee.

It’s actually the number one source of antioxidants in everyone’s diet because it’s such a beloved beverage.

While many don’t know this, they’re almost definitely drinking coffee from a burr grinder.

If you go to Starbucks, they use burrs. If you buy pre-ground Folger’s, they use burrs. If you go to Dunkin’, Peets, or even McDonald’s for your morning coffee—well, you get the picture. Burrs.

Burr grinders are all about delivering consistency.

Your grind size needs to be within certain criteria, where it doesn’t feel like a fine powder, but it’s also not coarse enough to make out the individual shape of each grind.

This is the sweet spot for a medium-strength coffee, the usual brew-strength that people in the western world enjoy.

Burr grinders are also thought to be better because they don’t undergo nearly as much maintenance.

Coffee beans are roasted, they’re hard, and blade grinders will dull fairly quickly after chopping them up.

Burr grinders commonly use a form of steel alloy, which isn’t going to be dented or damaged from coffee beans.

What is a Burr Coffee Grinder?

Coffee Beans In Electronic Burr Grinder

Most commonly referred to as mill grinders or simply grinders, burrs use a definite measurement system to provide consistent coffee ground sizes.

The size of your grounds matters for the sake of extracting the right amount of flavor and caffeine from your beans, which is why the western world almost exclusively uses burr grinders.

Beans are crushed between two pieces of metal with a predefined space in between them. Once the grounds meet the criteria, they fall through.

Burr grinders are most commonly automatic or electric, meaning you flip a switch and the motor grind for a specific amount of time until a certain weight of coffee grounds is achieved.

Burrs are commonly referred to as the best coffee bean grinder for its consistency.

Big-name brands that have an image and flavor to uphold want consistency, which is why they go with burr grinders.

Smaller coffee shops might go with blade grinders for a more rustic flavor.

What’s the Difference Between a Burr Grinder and Blade Grinder?

Burr grinders use a conical system of metal parts that move with a predefined amount of space between them (which can be adjusted depending on your preferences).

Coffee beans are mashed up between multiple grooves and divots in the metal until they reach a certain ground size, at which point they can simply fall through the center of the burr grinder, through that predefined space between the two metal surfaces, and land in the brew basket or cup below.

With a blade grinder, spinning blades (usually two of them) chop coffee beans, similar to a food processor.

These create more coarse and uneven grounds that aren’t designed to be used in traditional drip feed coffee maker systems.

They would be used in methods such as a French press or stovetop coffee maker.

In short, burr grinders provide consistency (otherwise the grinds don’t make it through the system).

Blade grinders chop coffee beans until they are smaller, but not necessarily of a uniform size. This can lead to inconsistency during brewing. It comes down to preference.

Why is it Better to Grind Coffee?

Grinding Coffee

In the first fifteen minutes after you grind the coffee, it’s deep into the oxidation process.

This is when, very ironically, oxygen begins to strip away the antioxidants found in coffee, and make its health benefits less effective. It also tarnishes the flavor.

Even the best budget burr grinder will be able to make coffee taste fresher than “high-quality” pre-ground coffee because, despite that vacuum seal, there was still oxidation during packaging.

It still lost flavor and effectiveness.

Caffeine is water-soluble while also being susceptible to oxidation. That means that it’s already getting a little watered down, for lack of a better term, when you brew it.

The buzz is being neutralized just a little bit. If you’re already starting with oxidized coffee grounds, it’s just a slap in the face.

Apart from that is the flavor. If you’ve ever had coffee that you swore tasted burnt, it was probably just old.

Coffee ages rapidly and the flavor diminishes by the second.

Even when you go to big chain coffee places like Starbucks or Dunkin’, one of their major rules is that they cannot, under any circumstances, pre-grind.

In most cases, those locations will brew coffee within five seconds of grinding it.

Health benefits, flavor, caffeine. If you care about those, you should be grinding coffee instead of buying it pre-ground.

Are Manual Coffee Grinders Better Than Electric?

Manual vs Electric Coffee Grinders

Well, they’re certainly quieter. It’s quite arbitrary to define which one is “better,” it’s more like which one is better for you.

I can’t have coffee that isn’t freshly ground anymore. That canned pre-ground stuff just doesn’t make the cut for my taste buds. I grind my own coffee, and I have a manual grinder as well as an electric grinder.

If it’s early morning, or I need some caffeine to chase off a headache, you better believe I’m not turning on a low-watt motor.

Manual grinders are good when you’re trying to keep a lid on the noise, but they’re also good for controlling exactly how much coffee comes out.

Automatic burr grinders are designed with buttons that grind a certain amount down to one-twentieth of an ounce.

It’s impressive, but sometimes people like to be more particular about their coffee.

To each their own, just memorize how many 360° cranks of your manual burr grinder it takes to get that perfect amount.

Grinding Ensures the Best Body and Flavor of Any Cup of Coffee

Consistent grinds mean consistently delicious coffee, no matter what time of day it is.

Grind your beans like a professional, like someone who does this for a living, and you’re going to taste that dedication in every cup.

Burr grinders are a staple for anyone’s kitchen if they’re serious about coffee.

It’s time to skip the pre-ground stuff, get a great and inexpensive burr grinder, and start enjoying your coffee again instead of just drinking it to survive.

Charlotte Collins

Charlotte Collins’ first job was in a coffee shop when she was sixteen, and as a career chef, coffee is an integral part of the casual side of dining at the restaurant she manages. With twenty years of brewing and drinking coffee under her belt, she has a refined palate for the exquisite, and a road map on how to get you some of the most unique and flavorful coffee experiences on the planet. Join her to get the best tips on buying coffee makers, beans, and everything in between.

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